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The Wholevana℠ Wellness program is offered to residents in Mebane, Burlington, Chapel Hill and Durham. To introduce residents to the powerful, often life-altering effects of a whole food plant-based diet, we are offering a 2-week Jumpstart program.

Our Wholevana℠ Wellness Program

The best form of persuasion is often experience. This is why we developed our Wholevana℠ Wellness program – to give people the direct experience of living on a whole foods, plant-based diet for 10 days.

Our Wholevana℠ Wellness program includes the following:

  • An initial health risk assessment
  • An educational session
  • 10 days of delicious, freshly prepared meals, and
  • A final health risk assessment so that you can see how your health improved

In addition, the program includes access to our dynamic Wholevana community, where you will find resources and peer support to help you both during and after your transition to the new Wholevana lifestyle.

$138.00 (Food & Testing)

Food Is Medicine

If everyone in America consumed a whole food, plant-based diet, over 70% of all health care costs would go away.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

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Thursday, November 21, 2013, 6:30-8:30pm
Wholevana Wellness Cooking Demonstration and Tasting

How to throw together Wholevana Dinners when you're too busy or exhausted to cook.

A demonstration class and tasting led by Kim Campbell and Howard Jacobson.

$10 (Demo & Tasting)

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